Colour Prices
Size of advert           Single month    Three months (15% discount)

1/12 page    £22        £56.10
1/6 page      £32        £81.60
1/4 page      £42        £107.10
1/3 page      £52        £132.60
1/2 page      £62        £158.10
3/4 page      £82        £209.10
Full Page     £112      £285.60


Premium Spaces
Back Page  £150
Spotlight adverts 
Double Page Spread  £200

(Includes editorial Photo’s & Advert)

How do I book an advert and what about deadlines?

Advert design
If you do not have an existing advert we are able to offer you a design service free of charge. The advert will be sent to you via a PDF and you are free to use it elsewhere once it is paid for.





To book an advert email us your requirements and advert or design specifications and we will get to work for you.  Deadlines are dictated by the printer and are strict! All artwork must be in by the 15th of the month before you’d like your advert to appear. For example, for the May issue, we must receive the advert by April 15th at the latest.    It really couldn’t be easier...